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AFAC’s New Warehouse Expands Capacity For Feeding 2,300 Families A Week

A line forms on July 15 outside the AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center) building on S. Nelson Street as people wait with their bags and rolling carts for a week’s supply of supplemental groceries. Next door, construction of additional warehouse space is well underway to add 4,600 square feet for AFAC food storage.
The new $80,000 refrigerators in the remodeled warehouse area increase storage space by 100 percent
According to Arlington Connection, "Charles Meng, CEO and Executive Director of Arlington Food Assistance Center says the new building will increase the storage capacity allowing AFAC to purchase more in bulk and buy at a bigger discount. And with increased storage, they will be able to expand their services to serve needy families outside Arlington." As per Arlington Connection, "Last year AFAC purchased 1.2 million pounds of food and received 1.5 million pounds of donated food. Arlington County provides $555,000 to purchase food but the total food budget is $1.2 million to meet the demand so they still need to raise $645,000. Meng says Arlington provides 6.9 percent of the $8 million it takes to operate AFAC for a year."

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