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Arlington County Board Voted For Small Business GRANT 2.0

The Arlington County Board voted 5-0 to approve the Small Business GRANT 2.0 program, which will provide direct financial assistance to small businesses as they continue to recover from the often devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The GRANT 2.0 program will provide funds to businesses and nonprofits to aid in their short-term recovery and will focus on hard-to-reach businesses, as well as those industries most affected by the Governor’s stay at home orders who were not eligible or could not quickly pivot to respond to other grant opportunities. Continue reading "Arlington County Board Voted For Small Business GRANT 2.0"
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AFAC’s New Warehouse Expands Capacity For Feeding 2,300 Families A Week

A line forms on July 15 outside the AFAC (Arlington Food Assistance Center) building on S. Nelson Street as people wait with their bags and rolling carts for a week’s supply of supplemental groceries. Next door, construction of additional warehouse space is well underway to add 4,600 square feet for AFAC food storage. Continue reading "AFAC’s New Warehouse Expands Capacity For Feeding 2,300 Families A Week"
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Ballston Quarter Welcomes WHINO, A Combination Restaurant And Art Gallery

The latest addition to Arlington’s Ballston Quarter is WHINO, a combination restaurant and art gallery on Ballston Quarter’s second level. The restaurant’s owner and avid art collector Shane Pomajambo operated Art Whino, a pop-art gallery at National Harbor for nearly 10 years. It closed in 2017 when Pomajambo began planning for WHINO restaurant. Continue reading "Ballston Quarter Welcomes WHINO, A Combination Restaurant And Art Gallery"
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Fallen Police Officers Honored By Arlington

Acting Arlington County Police Chief Charles Penn stands in front of a plaque “In Valor There Is Hope” in the plaza outside police headquarters reading the names of the seven fallen ACPD officers on Monday, May, 10. ACPD and the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office commemorated National Police Week in a virtual ceremony by honoring the lives of Arlington’s seven fallen police officers dating from 1935 to 2016. Continue reading "Fallen Police Officers Honored By Arlington"
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New Time Capsule Curated By The Center for Local History

The Center for Local History at the Arlington Public Library will curate a time capsule, 2020 UnBoxed, which will contain objects and material representing the major events and themes of 2020 in Arlington.   “The time capsule is a snapshot of today as well as a gift for the future, preserving an account of a particular period in time,” said Library Director Diane Kresh. Continue reading "New Time Capsule Curated By The Center for Local History"

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Arlington To Not Increase

The Arlington County, Virginia, board voted Saturday to not advertise an increase in the base real estate property tax rate for 2021. The board elected not to fight for an increase in the property tax, keeping it at $1.013 per $100 of its assessed value for this calendar year. In a news release, Board Chair Matt de Ferranti said the pandemic “has been hard” on residents and businesses. Continue reading "Arlington To Not Increase"
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Learn About Wild Turkeys In Virginia

Virginia has around 180,000 turkeys, elusive in the woods and fields. Virginia’s wild turkeys weigh around 17-19 pounds. Males are dark brown with iridescent, bronze highlights, have an unfeathered red and blue head and neck, dangling red wattles, and a hairy beard hanging from their breast. Females are smaller, darker in color, have smaller wattles and less colorful feathers and heads than males. Continue reading "Learn About Wild Turkeys In Virginia"
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Arlington National Cemetery Welcomes Sculpture Honoring Women In Military

This undated photo provided by Bahary Studios shows a sculpture called "The Pledge."
Arlington National Cemetery unveiled a new sculpture honoring military women and military working dogs. The life-size bronze sculpture called “The Pledge” is being placed at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial, located at Arlington National Cemetery’s entrance. An unveiling ceremony for the new sculpture occurred Saturday. Continue reading "Arlington National Cemetery Welcomes Sculpture Honoring Women In Military"

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